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Zedi Cloud Platform Zedi Cloud Platform
Cloud SCADA Engineered For Small to Mid-Sized Operators
Emerson's Zedi Cloud

Cloud SCADA Engineered For Small to Mid-Sized Operators

Meet the new cloud SCADA solution that brings optimization to small and mid-sized oil and gas production companies. Proven as a secure, reliable, scalable, and trustworthy solution, Emerson Zedi Cloud delivers the data and ROI you need to stay competitive in this era of lean oil and gas operations.
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An Easily-Deployable Complete Solution

We get it. A cloud SCADA solution has to check a lot of boxes to be a viable solution for operators and be affordable. Here's how Emerson's Zedi Cloud stacks up:
Secure encrypted communications with critical field devices
Scalable Software as a Service (SaaS)
Remote asset monitoring and control
Push/pull communications functionality with business software
Proven & tested technology with 99.9998% uptime
Advanced data, analytics & customized dashboards
Access production information anywhere on mobile & web apps
24/7 customer care support includes troubleshooting and technical training

Proven Results

Oil & Gas
Reduced Operating Costs on Low Production Assets
Aging assets and outdated technologies create challenges in tight markets. Change is crucial to continue operating, but can Cloud SCADA reduce operating costs?

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Oil & Gas
Clean, Consistent Real-Time Data
A junior-sized production company had problems getting accurate data; there was no unified method of collecting and managing data across sites. Would pivoting away from an in-house SCADA platform help them optimize their operations?

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Oil & Gas
Fast and Smooth Merger and Acquisition Data Transfer
Handling data during mergers and acquisitions can be messy and time-consuming, delaying profitability. How can a cloud-SCADA system help streamline the process? 

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Can Zedi help you free your trapped data?

Curious if Emerson's Zedi Cloud can help free trapped data across your operation? Each operation in the Rocky Mountain region is structured differently, with unique objectives. Contact our Cloud SCADA technology expert and get your questions answered.