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Fike Safety Rupture Discs Fike Safety Rupture Discs
Safety Rupture Discs

Safety Rupture Discs

Applied Control is your official Representative for the latest in rupture disc technology from FIKE Corporation for the Rocky Mountain West region. With over 75 years of cumulative expertise and unparalleled passion for manufacturing rupture discs, FIKE® has earned its reputation for providing the world's best pressure solutions. Explore the potential of FIKE®'s product line of safety rupture discs and let Applied Control help you discover how they can cater to your specific needs.
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Why do I need a Safety Rupture Disc?

Why do I need a Safety Rupture Disc?

Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs) are commonly used in many industries to protect production facilities from an overpressure catastrophe. However, PRVs can be expensive to maintain, susceptible to leaking toxic media and at risk of clogging during a polymeric process. Protect your PRV investments and reduce fugitive emissions by installing upstream Safety Rupture Discs from FIKE.
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