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Did you know...

Did you know...

Applied Control's partnership with Spartan provides the best available controls upgrade for your Waukesha GL - compatible with series 2 GL or series 2/4 GSI heads.

After a REMVue® AFR upgrade, an engine stays classified as a lean burn (OEM solution is to turn the engine into a rich burn).
  • ​Patented air-fuel ratio (AFR) rich-to-lean technology
  • Integrated AFR, Governor and Ignition Control
  • Dynamic Adaptive Control
  • Adapts for changes in fuel BTU, load, speed, exhaust temperature and ambient air pressure and temperature
  • ECO Plug Technology for ultra lean stable combustion

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  • Exceeds current and future NOx regulations
  • No reduction in nameplate horsepower — some engines with OEM or other existing AFR are de-rated due to poor controls
    • Some Customers realized a significant increase in production with increased speed and load after REMVue upgrade
  • A significant improvement in reliability and runtime compared to existing controls — complete removal of mechanical prechamber
  • Easily integrated into existing control panel or combined with a new compressor control PLC (Sixnet/RedLion or Allen Bradley)
  • Significant cost savings (~50%) when compared to OEM or other 3rd party emission or control upgrades
  • Rich to Lean technology approved by Environment Canada as a lean burn engine after conversion
    • Results in less than 50% engine testing costs for MSAPR compliance compared to a rich burn
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