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The Challenge

We are operating in a rapidly changing, digital world. Organizations are seeking to improve customer experience, business operations and may be working to change their business model. Industries are under tremendous pressure to improve safety, respond to demographic shifts, and post better financial metrics. Companies are having to report to key stakeholders on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics, and do more with less in order to be competitive in their market space. 

Today's world is about speed, leveraging data, and applying analytics to drive deeper operational insight and prediction, then action those insights to generate measurable value and competitive advantage. Operational Excellence is a must, and all organizations are investing to improve. In this age of digital transformation and data analytics, the challenges can be, how to bring the Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) interests together and work as one, to support the speed of change necessary and achieve data-driven value creation without compromising safety, production, and reliability. Who can help your organization liberate the OT data, see the opportunities, decide based on what the analytics tell you, and then take data-driven action?

The Solution

Partnering with Emerson and other leading technology companies we have a robust Digital Transformation practice that includes an assembled stack of technologies, a proven mix of people, processes, and technology, uniquely positions Phylax to support the demands of the OT and IT environments and the speed of change required and achieve data-driven results that increase safety, efficiency, reliability, and profitability. The integrated Phylax Digital Ecosystem is a complete suite of industrial sensing, monitoring, and networking visualization tools designed to provide a complete cyber security, advanced reliability, control, and analytics platform. 

At Phylax, our goal is to help our customers “turn on” technology, take advantage of digitalization, and derive value from it.

The Value


The assembled technology/services portfolio with Applied Control’s 60 years of Industrial Operations experience is differentiated.


Our Phylax experts are ready to serve and guide your Digital Transformation as your  “Expert Partner”.

Personalized Solutions

We can help solve today’s challenges, and if you are not sure what that looks like yet; we are here to help you develop your digital journey.

Phylax Solutions