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Your assets have a story to tell. Are you listening?

The right expertise is critical to your operations, but it’s costly to develop experts and tough to retain them. Even when you have experts, their time is often stretched thin, keeping them from focusing on value-added tasks. Our Remote Performance Monitoring “RPM” platform pairs your team with Applied Control experts who utilize advanced analytics to remotely assess the health of your equipment and provide actionable insights to improve safety, reliability, and efficiency, increasing overall profitability.

Remote Performance Monitoring’s scalable monitoring services leverage Industrial Internet of Things technologies, that are completely segregated from “your” Information Technology network. This provides Applied Control’s experts with the ability to securely identify potentially troublesome trends and alert you should a potential issue arise, keeping your critical equipment running safely and efficiently.

Key Benefits

Take proactive measures: Applied Control’s specialists will help you identify specify problem areas using predictive maintenance solutions.
Boost productivity: Utilize IoT-based monitoring to deliver higher-frequency visibility of your assets to ensure they are operating at peak performance.
Lower operating costs: Enhance manual processes with intelligent insights that allow optimized operations, reduced downtime, and maximum asset productivity.
Optimize Equipment & Process Efficiency: Applied Control will regularly monitor the health and performance of your most critical equipment so maintenance and repairs can be performed proactively. This will reduce unnecessary downtime, allowing your process to operate efficiently and profitably.
Increase Safety:  Ensure your equipment is operating the way it was meant to and eliminate the need to send employees into harmful areas to physically access data at a device.
Cyber security: RPM accesses data wirelessly via the Cloud, reducing security risk and eliminating cumbersome integration into plant or corporate IT networks.
Want to Learn More?

Want to Learn More?

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